Headshot Photo of Sonia Chajet-Wides
2020 Award Recipient

SoniaChajet Wides

Project Teens Resist

Location Brooklyn, NY

Issue Area Advocacy/Activism | Civic Engagement

After the 2016 presidential election, Sonia was inspired to find a way for teenagers to stay educated and active in current global issues. What began as a shared Google Doc with notable organizations and phone numbers to reach legislators quickly evolved into Teens Resist, a youth-run website dedicated to making activism and politics more accessible to young people. Teens Resist publishes step-by-step guides and teaches in-person workshops to educate teens about current political issues and how to get involved.

The organization addresses issues such as sexual violence, criminal justice reform, environmental justice, foreign policy, institutional racism, and immigration. At the time of receiving an Award, Teens Resist had published 59 action lists and articles, received over 30,000 visits to its website, and recruited a staff of over 20 teens from around the country.

Sonia is outside standing at a podium with a microphone holding papers and giving a speech.

Teens Resist


Sonia was inspired by her experience campaigning during the 2016 election to start Teens Resist, a resource that helps teenagers educate themselves about global issues and get involved in politics.