Transcript of 2020 Awardee Sonia Chajet Wides Video

2020 Awardee Sonia Chajet Wides Video


I think that there’s two sides of social media. On the one hand, it’s why my generation is so in tune with what’s going on, so informed, so passionate, but I also think that then can trick people into thinking that that’s the end all be all. And in reality, it’s really just the first step.

Teens Resist is a youth-led platform that’s dedicated to helping teens turn their passion and opinions into tangible actions. With any issue, there will be moments of national excitement that die down, but we really wanna make sure that there’s a sustained desire for action.

Whether you’re passionate about climate justice, racial justice, immigration, you can go to Teens Resist, and then have up-to-date actions that will make an impact in the here and now.

To be Jewish is to do tikkun olam and to be proactive in doing so. That philosophy runs through Teens Resist, and how I go about my own life.