Headshot Photo of Robbie Khazan
2022 Award Recipient


Project Kiddo Byte

Location Arlington, MA

Issue Area Poverty | Technology

Robbie started Kiddo Byte to share his love of engineering and computer science and ensure that kids of all ages could have access to coding courses no matter their background. Through Kiddo Byte, Robbie has created free, high-quality computer science classes for kids in six states and three countries, including Ukraine, Kenya, and the United States.

As someone who has been recognized as a leader in both his Jewish community and in the tech field, Robbie formed strong partnerships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Hack Club, as well as Diller Teen Fellows and Repair the World. Leveraging support from these organizations, Robbie and Kiddo Byte are fostering a love of coding and ensuring kids in a wide range of circumstances can learn to code.

By setting up our students for success in their lives, we also hope that, when they grow up, they will work on providing similar opportunities to those who will come after them, thereby becoming future force multipliers.

Robbie Khazan
Robbie leaning against a wall outside.

Kiddo Byte


Kiddo Byte’s mission is to offer equitable access to computer science education. The organization teaches hundreds of kids how to code and program, provides computers to those in need, and develops volunteer instructors. Focusing on kids ages 5-18, Kiddo Byte’s goal is to expand opportunities for disadvantaged children by teaching those who might not have access to computer science otherwise, such as children in transitional housing shelters across the US and students in countries as far away as Kenya and Ukraine. The courses allow students to express their creativity, gain confidence, and unlock possibilities for the future.
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