Headshot Photo of Dylan Zajac
2022 Award Recipient


Project Computers 4 People

Location Hoboken, NJ

Issue Area Poverty | Technology

By refurbishing and donating computers, Dylan is addressing the societal gap that leaves those who lack access to technology behind. His organization, Computers 4 People, holds computer collection events where companies and individuals donate computers that are no longer being used. People in under-resourced communities in need of computers submit applications and collect their refurbished computers from Computers 4 People.

Along with a group of 4 employees and 30 volunteers, Dylan prepares each donated computer for its new user in just 20-30 minutes. As a result, Computers 4 People has donated 746 computers to date, supporting 1,641 individuals in need. With the access provided by owning their own computers, 150 recipients are participating in workforce development programs and 400+ are attending online classes. As the need for technology continues to grow, so will Computers 4 People as it creates new chapters and donates more computers.

I feel deeply privileged to be in a situation where I can help thousands of people access opportunity and improve their lives in long lasting and meaningful ways.

Dylan Zajac
A row of Computers 4 People bags containing laptops.

Computers 4 People


Through the donation of a computer, people become connected to the world and are able to access resources like job opportunities, online education, and the community that comes with social media. Since its founding in 2019, Computers 4 People has donated 746 computers and is on track to expand its reach thanks to individuals, nonprofit organizations, and offices that choose to donate computers they would otherwise throw away. Many recipients of the program are now enrolled in online classes and participating in workforce development programs because of the access to technology, while the organization also addresses the critical issue of e-waste. To date, Computers 4 People has prevented more than 11,500 pounds of toxic e-waste from going into landfills and polluting the environment.
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Dylan stands with a group of people all holding Computer 4 People tote bags.
Dylan stands outside on the sidewalk holding a Computers 4 People tote.