Transcript of 2022 Awardee Dylan Zajac Video

2022 Awardee Dylan Zajac Video


No one ever taught me how to fix computers. I really learned from taking them apart, putting them back together. Computers 4 People is my passion. It combines everything I like, business, technology, and helping people.

I started Computers 4 People in my bedroom that moved to a storage unit, and now we have two offices here in Hoboken, New Jersey. We have four employees and 30 volunteers.

We have a wide range of people that we serve, including students, senior citizens, refugees, and so many more.

Our computers are helping people to apply for jobs, go back to school, and connect with family and friends. Being in charge of, you know, everything that’s going on, it’s constant.

I’ve really learned how to run a sustainable organization and be a real leader for everyone.

When I think of tikkun olam I think of my family who was forced out of Poland for being Jewish and came to the United States with no money. So they inspire me every day to do what I do to help those in need and to be an entrepreneur.