Headshot Photo of Danielle Wasserman
2023 Award Recipient


Project InvestNow Clubs

Location St. Louis, MO

Issue Area Racial Justice

Danielle attends University City High School, which has a large percentage of students from lower-income families. During conversations with new friends and classmates, she discovered that many of her peers knew very little about personal finance and had little exposure to financial literacy. Building on her knowledge from previous jobs and experiences, she started InvestNow Clubs to bring investing to schools in historically marginalized, lower-income communities, starting with her high school.

Since starting the organization in 2020, InvestNow Clubs has become a 501(c)(3) organization and has raised over $7,000, expanded its member base to more than 200 participants across four chapters and is committed to alleviating intergenerational poverty by increasing the net worth of the families of its members.

The highest form of tikkun olam is to help someone develop the skills to find purpose and hope and create long-term change.

Danielle Wasserman
Danielle Wasserman showing 2 students something on a computer.

InvestNow Clubs


InvestNow Clubs logoInvestNow Clubs, led by students who learned financial literacy from the program, is impacting communities by educating those struggling with economic instability and teaching the hard skills needed for long-term asset creation such as navigating online trading platforms, interviewing and resume skills, and general budgeting. Unique to InvestNow Clubs, the organization is led by high school students from under-resourced communities. It provides students and their families with investment knowledge and real-world financial literacy. It also allows participants to trade actual stocks, engage with business leaders through a Lesson in Leadership series, and receive one-on-one mentorship opportunities.

Danielle Wasserman standing in front of a classroom teaching students about investing.
Headshot Photo of Danielle Wasserman
Danielle Wasserman walking outside in a flower garden with 3 high school students.