Transcript of 2023 Awardee Danielle Wasserman Video

2023 Awardee Danielle Wasserman Video


I’ve always been interested in business from a young age, but when I first went to my local public high school, it was almost a shock to see the limited financial literacy knowledge among the majority of my peers.

So InvestNow Clubs is a non-profit, which brings investment clubs to schools in primarily historically disadvantaged lower-income communities. Some of the activities of the club include investing real money in the stock market, hosting guest speakers, gaining mentorship opportunities, and learning how to prepare for a job and interact with business professionals.

And the goal of the club is really to help others create financial stability and alleviate intergenerational poverty. One thing that I personally love about InvestNow Clubs is the diversity within all the club members. They come from various backgrounds, neighborhoods, and communities, but all share a common desire to learn and create financial stability for whatever they want to do in life.