Transcript of 2023 Awardee Steven Hoffen Video

2023 Awardee Steven Hoffen Video


If you haven’t heard of hydroponics, it is a simple and sustainable method of farming that doesn’t require any soil. It can help feed people in urban areas, food deserts, and areas affected by climate change.

I first got excited about hydroponics through an organization in Israel called Sindyana of Galilee, which engaged women from both Jewish and Arab populations in hydroponics. I decided to create a documentary film called Growing Peace in the Middle East. I had the opportunity to interview two Palestinian women. They told me a bit about their backgrounds and how they became interested in hydroponics.

Creating my film was just the beginning, and since then, I’ve been building my own hydroponic systems around the world. My organization Growing Peace produces over 30,000 fresh servings each year. I’m providing fresh produce and hydroponics education to formerly incarcerated women, young children, and disabled and low-income seniors.

Hydroponics is really something that I love to do and it really makes me happy being able to help people in need through ensuring food security in their communities.