Transcript of 2023 Awardee Aron Goodman Video

2023 Awardee Aron Goodman Video


My Grandmother, Tova, is a Holocaust survivor. When she was five and a half years old, she was sent to Auschwitz. It’s really meaningful for me to be able to speak to my grandmother firsthand, and I think others need to have that kind of experience one-on-one with a survivor.

I came up with the idea of using TikTok and social media to educate my generation about the Holocaust and share her story with the world. Before I knew it, we got over 500,000 followers tuning in to what we have to say and over 80 million views.

TikTok is really great because it enables you to create dialogue. We can interact with the viewers, and the viewers can interact with us. So we have people from Albania, Australia, Africa, who have never met a survivor, tuning in live to ask questions, and we talk about antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and her experiences in Auschwitz.

Knowing that we’ve reached so many people with our message is really what makes it a success for me. I want my audience to know not to be a bystander and to never forget, and we’re gonna continue to reach more and more people around the world.