Transcript of 2022 Awardee Lindsay Sobel Video

2022 Awardee Lindsay Sobel Video


There is no greater feeling than handing out a pair of shoes to someone who really needs them. You know, as a young kid, I would take for granted simple necessities that we have. It took me seeing kids my own age not having shoes, and that kind of just shook me to my core and I realized I want to give shoes to as many people as I can.

I started Shoes for Souls when I was 12 years old and I took action. I went in my garage, I went in my grandparents’ garage, friends, family, synagogues, and pretty much anyone I knew to just help me get out the word.

My garage has become the hub for Shoes for Souls. It is always filled with shoes. That’s where we go through them and volunteers make sure that all the shoes are in great condition. And over the last six years, 52,000 pairs of shoes have been processed through my garage.

It just makes me so proud of my community because, you know, I don’t have 52,000 pairs of shoes. It’s not just me that’s donating, and I’m so grateful to have so many people in my community help Shoes for Souls become what it is today.