Transcript of 2022 Awardee Gideon Buddenhagen Video

2022 Awardee Gideon Buddenhagen Video


I am a biracial Jew of color. My mother is Ashkenazi Jewish and my father is Ethiopian.

I’ve grown up in the flats of Northwest Oakland my whole life and being part of these different communities that I find myself in, it’s all motivating me to think about effective ways to keep Oakland rising and keep Oakland beautiful.

The idea behind Leadership In Motion and my personal mission is to provide equitable access to computer science education to underrepresented youth.

Computer science is a field that’s growing so much nowadays, but traditionally, these are fields that are not occupied by communities of color. Learning these skills can really serve as an opportunity for future careers and provide a pathway out of poverty. The class is entirely student-led.

It’s not just about teaching the knowledge, but also developing the interpersonal relationships. That connection is something that’s so important. Make underrepresented youth feel like this is a pathway for me. I’m capable of this, and I’m seeing mentors who look like me and who think like me pave the way.

That is really what inspires me and drives my continued efforts.