Transcript of 2022 Awardee Evan Nied Video

2022 Awardee Evan Nied Video


Hurricane Florence was particularly devastating to people in my area to see the effects happening firsthand.

It was a realization that climate change isn’t just gonna be an issue for my kids or grandkids, and what can I do to stop this?

What we do at Planting Shade is to plant as many trees as possible in flood-prone areas that suffer from the localized effects of climate change.

Through the Jewish community and youth organizations such as BBYO, I’ve been able to recruit young leaders from across the country and the world to start chapters and help their communities in mitigating natural disasters.

So far, we have held dozens of educational seminars and planted 12,000 trees across the United States and Israel.

To have young people engaged around the world is one of the core missions of my organization and what motivates me every day.