Transcript of 2022 Awardee Ariel Beck Video

2022 Awardee Ariel Beck Video


It’s hard to believe, but only 2.3% of all venture capital funding goes to female-founded companies.

I was only 13 years old, but I set out to change those statistics, and I founded Girls Who Start.

Girls Who Start is a nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire middle school, high school and college girls to become entrepreneurs and leaders. Today, Girls Who Start has grown to 54 chapters and 2,500 members across the country and internationally, including in the U.S., Canada, India, China, and Switzerland.

We accomplish our mission in three different ways. We inspire by hosting speaker events with well-known female entrepreneurs and leaders. We build by creating skills, building workshops and hackathons. And we connect by creating a community of girls across the country and around the world.

Something that’s really significant in measuring our impact is seeing the amount of girls that come out of Girls Who Start and start their own ventures or organizations.

It’s been really inspiring as I see the next generation of female entrepreneurs.