Transcript of 2022 Awardee Anna Siegel Video

2022 Awardee Anna Siegel Video


I am happiest when I’m outdoors. I love the trees. I love listening to the birds and to the wind. It’s a full sensory experience.

I always thought that I was gonna be an ornithologist studying birds in the background rather than out front doing public speaking.

Being a climate justice activist, I’m here to speak about our first demand that legislators commit to divest Maine from the 1.3 billion we have invested in fossil fuels.

A bill called LD99 Fossil Fuel Divestments is a tool for us to stop funding the climate crisis. It was a huge learning curve to work on something this big, and I was totally learning as I went along. You know, how do votes work and how do I lobby a legislator? You learn to use your voice to amplify the cause.

Passing LD99 in Maine was a huge victory, but there’s so much more we need to do. Seeing other youth passionate about climate justice brings me a lot of hope.

I was 12 when I started this work. No matter your age, no matter who you are, you can do something and you can use your voice.