Transcript of 2021 Awardee Sam Friedman Video

2021 Awardee Sam Friedman Video


I think technology is really interesting because it’s moving so fast and unlocking so much new potential, but it can be really difficult for senior citizens, and that was a big motivating aspect behind South Florida Tech For Seniors.

We pair student volunteers with senior citizens to provide free one-on-one technology support. I really love to see seniors’ faces light up when they can see their grandchildren on the other end. You could consider it a lifeline for senior citizens.

Another really important way we helped senior citizens during the pandemic was signing up for Covid 19 vaccines. The vaccine Rollout in Florida has been bumpy. We received hundreds of phone calls from seniors who were confused with the complicated online systems, so we set up a phone call hotline where seniors could speak with our volunteers who would then relay their information into these online systems, booking them vaccine appointments so they could stay protected and healthy during the pandemic.

For me, being Jewish has always meant taking something that you’re really passionate about and using that to help other people around you.