Transcript of 2021 Awardee Lauren Tapper Video

2021 Awardee Lauren Tapper Video


It was definitely very challenging to be a teenager in the pandemic. I felt really separated from my friends. I felt alone, and social interaction and connection are so important to teenagers. It’s a point in our lives where we’re learning to find out who we are.

Every single person I talk to is experiencing the same feelings, and so that’s when I work to create Covid TV to help teens connect and share their stories and experiences with the pandemic.

It’s been amazing and rewarding to see that now Covid TV has reached over 15,000 global readers, and someone across the world in Israel or India felt the exact same way as me. Covid TV isn’t just a space for teens to connect. It’s also a platform that ignites social action. For example, our ambassadors sewed over 17,000 masks for healthcare workers and nursing homes, and raised over $16,000 for families who struggle to find jobs during the pandemic. No matter where the pandemic is headed, Covid TV will still be here to help support teens and provide the connection and emotional support that we have throughout the past year and a half.