Transcript of 2021 Awardee Jordan Grabelle Video

2021 Awardee Jordan Grabelle Video


My favorite thing about reading, it’s like taking a trip because every book you read is a new world with new characters. I was 10 years old when I launched Love Letters for Literacy, and I just really wanted to be able to do my part to help the children in my community learn how to read. And I never imagined that this would turn into a global nonprofit that has impacted more than 43,000 students from across the world.

Love Letters provides low-income families with the resources needed to teach our children to read. We recruit volunteers to create handmade literacy packets. Over the years, we have had more than 19,600 volunteers from more than 30 countries across six continents.

And just thinking back to 10-year-old me, it’s incredible to see strangers from across the world so inspired to join my mission to help children learn how to read.