Transcript of 2021 Awardee Hannah Frazer Video

2021 Awardee Hannah Frazer Video


Middle school is a really tough age. Everything around you feels like it’s turning upside down, and then you add all these factors like social media, like technology, where it’s so much easier to just hide in your screens, rather than go up to people and start a conversation.

I created Question Connection, which is a conversation-starter card game that cultivates empathy and builds community.

Question Connection started out in my own local community, but now I have over 1,500 decks that have been distributed in 10 different countries. It’s available in Hebrew, English, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish.

What I love about the deck is that it’s very interactive. A lot of conversations are occurring very naturally. You see kids who start out not really feeling comfortable in their own skin start to gain confidence, and you see it not only when they’re talking to their peers, but also in their classroom participation.

The fact that teachers are building out space for Question Connection in their curriculums, it’s a great indicator of success. To see kids grow more confident and to grow into themselves is the biggest reward of all.