Transcript of 2021 Awardee Daniel Solomon Video

2021 Awardee Daniel Solomon Video


I was born visually impaired with a disease called ocular albinism makes, it very hard to see and perceive the world around me.

Orchestra has always been a very important sense of community and belonging for me. Unfortunately, my school, similar to many others, simply did not have the resources to have a successful, thriving arts program. And this is what inspired me to start the Pinecrest City Music Project.

We educate students to become holistic arts leaders, both in and outside of the classroom, promote public cultural arts events, and fundraising for arts education in our local schools. We’ve raised over $300,000, and we now educate over 500 students in eight weekly programs with a 31-person staff of all students.

Something else that’s very important to us is showcasing our students amazing work. This is a really special time where we’re able to bridge the gap, show our community why music education is so important in our schools.

Music was a community that brought me in when I was unable to do other things, and so through everything we do, inclusivity remains at the forefront of our mission to bring music education to all PMP Pride.