Transcript of 2021 Awardee Daniel Goldberg Video

2021 Awardee Daniel Goldberg Video


Zoomers to Boomers started as just a small group of friends in Santa Barbara looking to help, and today we are in 37 cities throughout the U.S., and we have completed over 15,000 deliveries to the elderly and immunocompromised.

In order to really grow the organization and scale it, I had to realize that this was not something I could run by myself. You know, being able to put young people in those leadership roles and bring them up so that they could build teams in other parts of the country, that’s the main reason we were able to impact the number of people that we have.

It’s not just me, it is all almost 1,500 of our volunteers who are wanting to put their time out to help others. And it has been incredible just to see young people from across the country doing as tikkun olam says, repairing the world. It makes you so inspired and so excited because while we are all separated, the community is still intact and we’re still in this together.