Transcript of 2020 Awardee Sophie Draluck Video

2020 Awardee Sophie Draluck Video


Cycle Forward seeks to empower women by providing them with the menstrual products they need, and by reducing period stigma through education and dialogue.

In places in the world where women’s education is already not as highly prioritized as the boys’ education, a lack of access to period products can pose a serious roadblock to education and empowerment.

I started really small with Cycle Forward, but then the word spread and more people wanted to be involved. So now we have partnerships in Haiti, the U.K., and India. I’m really proud to state that Cycle Forward has donated over 90,000 tampons and pads to menstruaters in need around the globe.

I had the opportunity to take Cycle Forward to India and meet with girls affected by period poverty. I really felt the impact of Cycle Forward’s efforts to break down stigma and to this day, Cycle Forward continues to partner with the Taj Foundation, ensuring that these girls have access to the products that they need to continue with their education.