Transcript of 2020 Awardee Noah Rubin Video

2020 Awardee Noah Rubin Video


Knowing how to code opens up so many doors later on in life, but most elementary schools don’t teach computer programming.

I started Can Code when I was 14 to teach elementary schoolers concepts in computer programming, problem-solving, and logic, and get them started on their journey in computer science, engineering, and other STEM fields. Coming into the workshops, our students know little to nothing about computer programming, and seeing them get excited has been so motivating to our team.

I’ve recruited and trained over a dozen teenagers. Everything from writing the curricula, working on the website, running the social media building Can Code into an official 501c3 nonprofit is run by teenagers.

Coming out of a Can Code workshop, these elementary schoolers not only have the basic concepts, but they also have passion to learn more on their own. Tikkun olam is about making a meaningful impact with your personal gift.