Transcript of 2020 Awardee Nathan Balk King Video

2020 Awardee Nathan Balk King Video


Walking into the General Assembly Hall in the United Nations, there’s sort of this constant implication of this is the room where it happens. This is the room where people talk about the problems the world faces.

I was able to attend the National High School Model UN Conference, and when I got there, I noticed that there weren’t any other Native Americans. So I decided that I have an obligation to gather a delegation of native high school students to bring back to the National High School Model UN Conference in New York City.

The best part for me was seeing my delegates, learning hands-on what it’s like to participate in political debate and argue for what you think is right. We had four Native American delegates in the permanent forum on indigenous issue simulation at the conference, they went up to the front of the room and introduced themselves in their native language and discussed with the entire room what land rights policies meant to them, how they impacted their communities, and they’re able to advocate for themselves and their families and their tribes is one of the best outcomes of the conference.

And this affirmation that your voice is just as important and as powerful as everyone else’s.