Transcript of 2020 Awardee Jamie Margolin Video

2020 Awardee Jamie Margolin Video


We have zero hours left to act on climate change. I have a question. When your children ask you, did you do absolutely everything in your power to stop the climate crisis, can you look your kid in the eye and say, I did everything I could.

Young people know that the climate crisis is not something that we can wait on. I co-founded Zero Hour to put pressure on our leaders to take urgent climate action and to mobilize young people.

We have almost 200 chapters around the world, and there are thousands and thousands of young people who have mobilized with us.

One of the events that was so amazing was the 2018 Youth Climate Marches. We marched in Washington, DC, and in 25 cities around the world, and it was just a beautiful moment of true action.

Another way that we take action is lobbying. Go to Capitol Hill, talk to different politicians, and we go into those rooms of power and we push them and influence them to take the action we need them to take.

I learned so much from co-founding and co-leading Zero Hour that my junior year of high school, I decided to write a book called Youth to Power Your Voice and How to Use It, and it’s a book that I give anyone who asks a question about how to be an organizer. It’s really just about one step at a time. That’s really how you can take action and live out tikkun olam is just take that first step and then just keep stepping even when it’s hard.