Transcript of 2020 Awardee Isha Clarke Video

2020 Awardee Isha Clarke Video


People in our society are seen as disposable. Communities of color are consistently targeted by polluting corporations because our communities are viewed as having less political power. If we don’t fight to humanize communities, then we are not fighting against climate change.

This is about our lives. We’re fighting to imagine a full and beautiful future. You’ve come today to use your voice. It is time for the people most impacted to be the loudest.

The people on the front lines need to be the ones fighting environmental injustice. Know that your voice matters, and that if you are speaking from the heart about justice, everyone needs to hear that.

On September 20th, 2019, Youth versus Apocalypse organized a huge climate strike in San Francisco. We had over 20,000 people come. It represented diverse, powerful community.

That has definitely been a highlight of my life and my activism. My sense of Judaism has always been rooted in social justice in tikkun olam. When I do this work, I feel passionate about continuing the struggle and the fight that my ancestors have been doing for centuries.