Headshot Photo of Solomon Olshin
2019 Award Recipient


Project Shine

Location Portland, OR

Issue Area Climate Justice/Environment | Poverty

Shine builds upon the work Solomon led with his school’s InvenTeam and Community Engineering groups. Solomon led the building and installation of 85 solar-powered “JuiceBox” devices that provide hundreds of houseless Portlanders with light, power, heat and internet access, improving their daily lives while providing access to social services, online job applications, and connection with family and community.

Solomon also led the development of ShowerPod and WashPod, solar-hybrid bio-filtered mobile hygiene facilities that provide houseless Portlanders with clean hot water for handwashing, dental care, showers, and laundry while incorporating greywater irrigation systems that nourish gardens in these communities. Shine also trains houseless Portlanders to build and maintain JuiceBoxes and pays them for their work, helping them gain dignity, independence, and employability as they transition out of homelessness.

Through Shine, I have connected my commitment to Tikkun Olam with my passion for innovation and technology and helped Portlanders transitioning out of homelessness, engaging Jewish and non-Jewish students to work for world repair.

Solomon Olshin
Solomon with several people in a garage all standing at tables building solar powered units.

Shine helps meet the basic needs of houseless Portlanders living in off-grid communities by developing cutting-edge, environmentally-sustainable and cost-effective technologies.
The logo is a clipart yellow sun and white text with the word Shine on a black background.