Headshot Photo of Skylar Dorosin
2013 Award Recipient


Project Project 2020

Location Palo Alto, CA

Issue Area Gender Equality | Poverty

A competitive water polo player, Skylar knows first-hand how sports can foster self-confidence and self-esteem. After participating in a water polo tournament in a working-class Los Angeles suburb, Skylar realized that some of her neighboring communities did not have the resources to support athletic programs. In 2010, she created Project 2020 to give young girls from lower-income communities the opportunity to be a part of a team, to learn how to swim, and to play water polo—building their self-esteem, teamwork, and collaboration skills.

There is no reason that the girls in underprivileged communities shouldn’t become great athletes.

Skylar Dorosin
“It is never too late, too early, or too often TO GIVE BACK AND MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE”
Helen Diller