Headshot Photo of Kyle Weiss
2010 Award Recipient



Location Danville, CA

Issue Area Philanthropy

Kyle is an avid soccer fan. When he was 13, he and his family went to the 2006 World Cup, where he saw Angola play a match. The Angolan kids who Kyle met told him how, in their country and throughout Africa, soccer meant everything to them, even if they didn’t have cleats, real balls, or fields to play on. Kyle returned home wanting to do something—to give every kid a chance to play soccer. Kyle, with the support of friends, created FUNDaFIELD. Through his organization, he raised money to provide soccer fields, soccer equipment, and to host soccer tournaments throughout Africa and beyond.

Passion for soccer is the thread that holds many people of the world together. When we build a soccer field in an African community, so much more evolves…when you look in their faces it’s as if they have all the wealth in the world.

Kyle Weiss
“It is never too late, too early, or too often TO GIVE BACK AND MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE”
Helen Diller