Headshot Photo of Julian Berkowitz-Sklar
2023 Award Recipient


Project Nature Now International

Location Saratoga, CA

Issue Area Advocacy/Activism | Climate Justice/Environment

Julian grew up in Costa Rica for the first ten years of his life and returned for his freshman year of high school. In Costa Rica and California, where Julian lives now, he noticed barriers to accessing and experiencing the natural environment, a critical component of fostering environmental stewardship. To connect more young people with nature and inspire youth-led, science-based, community-centered conservation, he and his siblings started Nature Now International, bringing together youth of different backgrounds from both cultures who share a commitment to protecting the planet.

The organization has partnered with civil, private, and government sectors to provide opportunities for more than 300 youth to develop the necessary tools to help defend vulnerable ecosystems.

Our generation faces unprecedented crises, but I remain optimistic because I have seen what youth can do when we come together driven by passion and a sense of tikkun olam.

Julian Berkowitz-Sklar
Julian Berkowitz-Sklar points to a tree to a group of students.

Nature Now International


Nature Now International logoNature Now International is a grassroots environmental organization that engages youth in research, outreach, and advocacy in Costa Rica and California. The organization seeks to inspire young people to use their passions, talents, and experiences to contribute to creative and effective solutions for our planet. Julian, a co-founder, has built relationships with scientists, advocates, and other stakeholders to develop conservation projects for youth by youth. Each year, 20 students from California visit the remote Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica where they work alongside local youth to plant mangroves and other native species, install cameras in the rainforest to study animal populations, and monitor sea turtles on nesting beaches.

Julian Berkowitz-Sklar sits on a large rock smiling with other students sitting around him.
Julian Berkowitz-Sklar smiles while leaning against a tree.