Headshot Photo of Jamie Margolin
2020 Award Recipient


Project Zero Hour

Location Seattle, WA

Issue Area Advocacy/Activism | Climate Justice/Environment

How we address the climate change crisis today will largely determine what kind of world our young people will inherit. After the U.S. announced its intention to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Jamie launched Zero Hour, an international youth-led climate action organization. With the mission of centering the voices of diverse youth in the conversation around climate and environmental justice, Zero Hour organizes marches, rallies, climate strikes, mobilizations, lobby days, speaking tours, educational programming, social media campaigns, and summits to bring urgency and awareness to the climate crisis.

Zero Hour organized the very first Youth Climate March in Washington, D.C., and 25 other cities around the world, created the Youth Climate Lobby Day, and co-created the first Youth Climate Summit in Miami in the summer of 2019. Jamie has become an instrumental voice in the youth-led climate change movement and is sharing what she’s learned along the way in her book, Youth to Power: Your Voice and How to Use it.

Jamie and several other teens grouped together in a hallway posing for the camera.

Zero Hour

Moved to act by the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, Jamie launched Zero Hour: an organization that fights for climate and environmental justice through youth-led action and organizing in cities throughout the world.