Headshot Photo of Dillon Eisman
2018 Award Recipient


Project Sew Swag, Inc.

Location Malibu, CA

Issue Area Climate Justice/Environment | Poverty

In 2014, Dillon toured the Los Angeles LGBT Center for Homeless Youth and was inspired to start upcycling clothes for young people without access to new clothing for work or school. Dillon went on to found Sew Swag, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization creatively reusing donated apparel for the homeless youth population in the greater Los Angeles area.

So far, Dillon has received thousands of dollars worth of clothing from individual contributions, nonprofit organizations, and corporations like Brandy Melville, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Thousands of homeless individuals have received clothing, and Dillon is developing workshops to train other teens in sewing and upcycling.

I have learned that the key to solving problems, much like the process of upcycling, is about being innovative with the resources you already have.

Dillon Eisman
“It is never too late, too early, or too often TO GIVE BACK AND MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE”
Helen Diller