Headshot Photo of Benjamin Joel
2023 Award Recipient


Project Intutorly

Location McLean, VA

Issue Area Education

As the descendant of three generations of educators, Ben knows firsthand the impact a quality education can have. When COVID-19 plunged the nation into a shutdown, taking students out of classrooms, Ben was discouraged by the negative effects of remote education on learning and future opportunities. Ben and his brother Alex co-founded Intutorly to change the trajectory of the pandemic’s impact on students and provide free online tutoring to elementary and middle school students. After creating Intutorly, Ben had a chance to tutor a 12-year-old Afghan girl, whose school had been closed by the Taliban.

Inspired by her enthusiasm for learning, Ben and Alex expanded Intutorly internationally. Now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Intutorly works with schools and service organizations like Points of Light and Lion’s Heart to recruit and maintain a pipeline of qualified tutors and students. Since starting the project in March 2020, Intutorly has provided more than 15,000 hours of educational support to more than 1,200 students, expanded to 35 states and ten countries, and raised more than $10,000 to continue providing services to students in need.

We all have a responsibility to improve our world to be just, tolerant, and equitable for all. We can create a world that supports all people through our actions.

Benjamin Joel
Benjamin Joel sits at his laptop working virtually with a student.



Intutorly logoAfter the global pandemic shuttered schools nationwide, Ben felt dismayed by the news about COVID-19’s potentially life-long impact on students’ education and future career opportunities. Ben and his brother, Alex, co-founded Intutorly to help close the gaps for students impacted by school closures. The project provides elementary and middle school students free, online, one-on-one tutoring. Its mission is to bridge the education divide by creating customized lessons, offering personalized support and attention, and building lifelong relationships between tutors and their students. Since its creation, Ben has used his experiences and skills to expand Intutorly and seek creative ways to continue serving and reaching students in need.

Headshot Photo of Benjamin Joel
Benjamin Joel speaks with another educator.